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Testimonials: Testimonial
Ross and Iris Glasscoe.JPG

I came to know about Caroline through a friend’s recommendation about 4 years ago.  I had just given birth to my 3rd child and was looking for a trainer who would help me reach my goal of losing my baby weight and keeping it off.


Caroline has not only helped me accomplished that through training, she is also a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and fitness.


When my husband, Ross decided to join me at training 2 years ago, Caroline recommended her husband Daryl to train with him.  Like Caroline, Daryl has helped Ross reached his fitness goals through a combination of healthy eating and tough training.


However, little did my husband and I expect that not only have we found great trainers, but that they and their family would turn out to be great friends as well over the years.


Daryl and Caroline are sincere and passionate about both their work and lives.  They are highly knowledgeable in their field of fitness and nutrition, genuinely warm and friendly and is unexpectedly sweet as a couple.


Ross and I look to them now as our inspiration for a healthy body, mind and heart!

Ross and Iris Glasscoe, Entrepreneur and homemaker

yeeming and lena.jpg

In 2015, My wife Lena and I were looking for someone to help us improve our fitness so as to be able to keep up with our active children. We looked for personal trainers that could help us lose some weight, get fit but also be able to take into account our limitations in time, location and physical condition.

Daryl and Caroline were able to understand our needs and accommodate us right from the beginning. They pushed us when we could but knew when to hold back when we couldn’t. We noticed the difference almost immediately. We were more limber, more abled to keep up with the kids and more importantly, felt good. Our sessions with them have become a part of our lives. We definitely feel it if we miss sessions!

The both of them are not just our personal trainers but have become friends as well. We are genuinely happy that they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and wish them more prosperous years ahead! (For our health’s sake)

Dr Mok Yee Ming, Senior Chief Consultant -Psychiatrist
Dr Lena Toh, Doctor

Sanchita Basu Das.jpg

I am working out with Caroline for the last 8 years.  She is very professional and sincere in what does best.  She has designed the weight training program as per my needs and lifestyle.


When I combine her gym sessions with regular cardio and discipline eating, I see distinct results


Her training program has also helped increased my strength and stamina, along with visible improvements in my body shape.

Sanchita Das
Economist, Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute

lyn R2.jpg

I first started training with Caroline was after the birth of my first new-born. I had wanted to get back to fitness as my core strength wasn’t good after my C-sec surgery. She was very sensitive and understood which level I wanted and we worked out a plan that's suited for my body fitness at a moderate pace.


Fast forward, recently I took up an intensive 8 weeks’ program with Caroline and Daryl. This program was suited for me to regain strength and to lose all my post-natal weight. We kept a very high repetitive workout aiming muscle building and I dropped a dress size at 6 weeks! I am very happy with the results and would recommend anyone who wants to see good body form and routine exercise to speak to them.

Lyn Rosmarin, KBlu Swimwear Founder & Creative Director


I have been training with Daryl for 4 years typically 3 times a week.  Daryl has built my confidence enormously. Not only in the gym but also with my nutrition.  I lift heavy weights and have seen a transformation in my physique. I am leaner and more toned now. I have a more disciplined approach to diet and exercise and I have experienced a huge difference in my wellbeing too.  Sessions with Daryl are challenging but fun. He has a great sense of humour and a strong work ethic. He is very enthusiastic and I have never had the same session twice. He creates a programme for me and still surprises me with new exercises to keep things new and interesting.  When I am not at my best Daryl is very supportive and encouraging. I may start a session tired and in a low mood but that quickly dissipates once we start working. He is a wonderful motivator.I have had knee problems in the past and Daryl has worked with me and a physio to overcome these problems and has been sensitive to   adapt exercises accordingly.

The boutique gym has great appeal because I am often alone in the gym doing PT or there is only one other client and their trainer. There is no sense of competition in the gym or intimidation which I have experienced before in large gyms. Physique 360 has a relaxed and friendly vibe. I feel very at home there.

On a practical level Daryl arrives early for sessions and is incredibly reliable. He is flexible when arranging my schedule and adaptable when changes need to be made for work and travel.

Overall I highly recommend him for his methodical and individualised approach. His positive energy is infectious. Daryl a highly intelligent fitness professional and I have greatly benefited from his expertise.

Gesella O, Voice Over Actress

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